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Don't just take our word for it...


"...with a 6hp outboard the SpearFish 450/15 will plane with two adults at 12 to 14 knots. It is certainly both very quick and a lot of fun with its long, narrow hull. It can carry up to four adults and, with a pack weight of 25kg, will fold away to fit in the boot of a car."


"I have a complaint... My face hurts because I can't stop grinning!" 


"We used our new SpearFish and ePropulsion outboard at the weekend and we are very pleased with it. The combination felt very safe crossing the narrows in Plymouth Sound, moved easily and is of course beautifully quiet."

Testimonial, Germany


I purchased one of the first SpearFish boats exported to mainland Europe – certainly the first boat of this type registered in Germany – and would like to share my experience with it.

Looking for an easily transportable, yet solid and safe boat for inland and offshore water touring, I spent a long time toying with a Grand Argus, until by chance Nestaway's website drew my interest in SpearFish. From the description, the boat seemed perfect, but I couldn't find much information elsewhere. After intensive email exchanges with the designer of SpearFish (and owner of Nestaway Boats), Ian Thomson, I was convinced by the quality of his detailed answers to take a “considered risk”, and place an order without actually seeing the boat.

The delivery experience was positive. Both the boat and the Suzuki (at a much lower price than I could find in Germany) arrived in good time, and well packed. After a short setup – less than five minutes, thanks to an electric pump! – and fuelling the engine, we were ready to go.

Our maiden voyage, complete with cool box containing picnic - and Riesling for boat christening - was on the River Rhine at Speyer {picture above}. The flow rate here is up to 10 kmph (5 knots), with not insignificant waves from the heavy freight traffic. And to our positive surprise, even being careful to limit the revs on our brand new engine, SpearFish with two adults on board made effortless progress against the flow. She was also undaunted by waves diagonal to the bow, and remained completely dry... Ian had not promised too much!

Since then, our SpearFish has also been out on the Rhine, Elbe, Moselle, Neckar and Danube rivers, and on the Mediterranean with quite a choppy sea, and was great. With full engine power {a Suzuki 6}, this is a really brisk, yet agile and easy-to-control boat, which has met or exceeded our expectations, with virtually unbelievably low fuel consumption. Silent pottering on calm water with an electric motor is also fun.

Even the little things work very well on this boat, such as the amply-sized and easily-packed storage bag.

I am highly satisfied with the purchase and can recommend the boat without reservation to all water sports enthusiasts who are looking for a really mobile and fast little motorboat!

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